Out-of-Prefecture/International Students

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Overseas 17 people

Taiwan, Thailand, U.S.A., Luxembourg

223 international students both long-term and short-term from 8 countries (accepted)

Students from outside the prefecture / overseas


比嘉 海惺(尚学チャレンジャーコース中学1年)
比嘉 海惺



森下 未乃里(尚学パイオニアコースα高校1年)
森下 未乃里


At Okinawa Shogaku, our students develop the necessary academic and English communication skills needed to pass university entrance exams as a high school senior. All of our students engage in cross-cultural exchange, learn Okinawan karate, and engage in volunteer work.

Number of students who passed university entrance exams
Numbers inside parentheses include past graduates

National and public colleges and universities 166 (142)

Private universities and colleges 338 (294)

Universities and colleges abroad 78 (78)

Medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and veterinary schools 72 (35)

Programs and Courses

Junior high school students elect either the Shogaku Pioneer Course or the Challenge Course. Both courses offer Advanced English classes. The course system offers junior high school students with the appropraite education to prepare for their university of choice. Incoming high school freshmen will start with five foundational courses, and will elect a specialized course in the second year based on the student's university of choice, such as STEM or liberal arts.

Cross-Cultural Exchange Programs

All Okinawa Shogaku students participate in cross-cultural exchange programs. We utilize programs that engage entire grades and/or classes, as well as publicly funded exchange programs. We actively seek out opportunities for cultural exchange and each year, many of our students enter internships abroad and domestic foreign-language programs.

A Rich Dorm Life

Students are widely accepted from Okinawa's main island, other islands and islets, and from remote areas including Northern Okinawa. The school coordinates with the dormitories to provide students with lifestyle guidance for structured dorm life. There are four dormitories: the Shogaku Global Hall, Shogaku-sha, and dormitories for the baseball team and judo club athletes.

Educational Activities

Okinawan Karate

Okinawa Shogaku believes that cultural capability is central to fostering a globally cultured person, and therefore requires all of its students to take Okinawan karate classes. Students aim to receive a black belt before graduating senior high school.

Volunteer Work

All of our students participate in social contribution activities at least twice a year. Volunteer activities are organized by class, grade, or course, but many after school clubs and individual students volunteer their time.