Education System

Learning Goal-Based Classes

Learning goals

By setting a clear learning target in each class, we raise goal awareness and can check students’ level of understanding in each class. When both teachers and students proceed with a lesson with an awareness of the study items that must be learned during the class time, every class turns into “study time” for complete learning.

From the students

Masahiro Itomura
Senior High School first-year student (following graduation from Okinawa Shogaku Junior High School)

Classes at Okinawa Shogaku always have a “learning target” encompassing the material to be learned in class that day. Since a learning target is set forth for each class period, classes never move forward without a clear purpose, and you always know whether you are learning the material or not; therefore, it is always perfectly clear what you need to do. This makes it possible to prepare for class and review the material efficiently.

Regular exams and mock exams

・Regular exams and the 80-point project
・Mock exams and the 100-point project

Questions on regular exams are based on learning targets. We aim to fully instill basic academic capability necessary for university entrance examinations in our students by consistently checking learning targets in all tests, from quizzes in class to our regular exams. We also regularly carry out national-level mock exams in order for students to accurately ascertain their likelihood of getting into their choice of university based on their academic capability.

Cooperative learning

Where appropriate, we facilitate cooperative learning where students teach and learn from each other. By teaching and learning from each other, students gain increased understanding of the subject matter. Students also strengthen their bonds with their friends and cultivate a stance of learning as a team.

My Personal Record

This is our school’s original schedule book (commonly called “My-Per”). Students use these books to manage their time individually. Students aim to reach long-term goals, like passing regular exams or overcoming their weaknesses, while adjusting their trajectory as necessary based on how their plan is progressing.