What is Okinawa Shogaku?

Okisho School Motto

We, the students of OKINAWA SHOGAKU Senior High School, will do what is expected of us without fear, disdain or over eagerness.
We, the students of OKINAWA SHOGAKU Senior High School, will foster in ourselves warmth, discipline and intelligence and act in the spirit of gratitude and unselfish service.

Greetings from the President

We aim to become a school that is "a strong preparatory school of Bunbu Ryodo” (focuses both on academics and athletic achievements) full of “warmness, rigor and intelligence”, a school that is full of spirit and positive morale, gaining the trust of people; a school that is worth supporting.

In high school we will do our best to attain higher achievement in university advancement besides our achievements in the sports fields, including baseball, judo and tennis. In addition, in preparation for the future of education in the 21st century, we will do our best to teach IT (current technologies) and global education while instilling a sense of compassion, creativity, maturity, and respect in our students.

Masajiro Nashiro, Chairman of the Board, Shogaku Educational Foundation
Principal of Okinawa Shogaku High School

President’s messages

Achievements of Okisho's glocal education

2019 IB DP Visual arts EXHIBITION