Introduction of High School Courses

Okinawa Shogaku has an elective course system designed to help students pass college entrance exams, enabling them to enter the colleges they choose after graduating from high school.

10th Grade

11th Grade

Introduction of High School Courses

From 11th to 12th grade, students build their basic academic skills and decide which colleges they would like to apply to. They gradually establish good study habits as they get used to school life. Furthermore, students are encouraged to develop strong characters based on “Four Qualities of Globally Educated Persons” through club activities and events.

12th Grade

Studying for Entrance Exams

From 11th grade, Okinawa Shogaku High School formally organizes classes based on the students intended college choices, grades, etc. This encourages students to develop friendly competition with their friends who have similar ambitions.

Setting Courses in Accordance with Goals

10th Grade

There are five course divisions: University of Tokyo / Medical Departments at National and Public Universities / Shogaku Pioneer Course α, International Baccalaureate / and Shogaku Pioneer Course β. This allows students to effectively study subjects such as English and Math based on their development and learning goals.

11th Grade


12th Grade

Students can change their course when advancing to 12th grade. If enough students apply, a Liberal Arts-focused course and Science-focused course will be opened. In the 12th grade, practical exercise classes are emphasized accompanied by classes directly linked to entrance exams based on the National Center Test for University Admissions and second-stage exams. Furthermore, some teachers offer supplementary classes on Saturdays and holidays to help students improve their weaknesses.

Detailed Check System

Okinawa Shogaku carries out check tests for each subject. Students’ learning progress is regularly assessed by examinations and mock examinations. The school also aims to ensure that all students are able to maintain basic academic skills by implementing supplementary lessons and individualized teaching when necessary.

Elective Course System of Okinawa Shogaku

Our goal is for students to find their strengths and enroll in a college that is right for them, allowing them to become self-actualized and make a contribution to society in whatever future path they choose.

Progress/List of Courses

※Depending on colleges that students want to enter, the Liberal Arts Courses and the Science Course will be opened.

  • Five courses in the 10th Grade

    University of Tokyo and Medical Departments at National and Public Universities Course

    Shogaku Pioneer Course α

    Medical Departments at National and Public Universities Course

    International Baccalaureate Course

    Shogaku Pioneer Course β

  • Another course (Elite Course) added to the existing 5 courses.

    Elite Course

  • Based on students’ choices, more courses are added.

    The Science at National, Public, and Private Universities Course

    The Liberal Arts at National, Public, and Private Universities Course

Student Success in Numbers