IB Christmas Party!


IB Christmas Party!

“On December 25th (Monday), a Christmas event was held at the 5th floor auditorium where all International Baccalaureate (IB) students (1st to 3rd year) gathered.

This event used to take place every year before the COVID-19 pandemic; however, it hadn’t been held for the past few years, making it a long-awaited event. Everyone enjoyed chatting while eating pizza, enabling interaction across different grade levels. During this event, each grade’s classes presented various performances. This year, the 1st-year students showcased an English skit that won second place in a recent skit contest, a collaboration of Okinawan three-stringed instruments (sanshin) and hula dance, and a Christmas dance by the girls. The 2nd-year students performed guitar music and songs, while the 3rd-year students, both male and female, showcased dances. Additionally, the 3rd-year students prepared various quizzes such as an intro quiz and IB-related quizzes for everyone to enjoy. Please follow the link below to watch the video digest of the event’s highlights.”


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