IB Students’ Skit Performance Win 2nd Place


IB Students’ Skit Performance Win 2nd Place

“On December 19th , the 24th All-Okinawa High School English Skit Contest was held at the Okinawa Prefectural Comprehensive Education Center. Reina Kamiya, Kahō Nakasone, and Nozomi Kanejana (assistant) from Class 1-9 received the 2nd place!

An English skit is an original presentation created by students, lasting between 3 to 5 minutes, commonly known as a ‘skit.’

The skit was titled ‘The Turtle and the Plastic Bag,’ with Kahō Nakasone playing the role of the sea turtle and Reina Kamiya as the plastic bag. Nozomi Kanejana supported as an assistant, managing necessary stage props and sound effects.

This year’s skit conveyed an important message urging cooperation to solve the global issue of microplastics. Additionally, incorporating the Okinawan dialect phrase ‘Aga’ (meaning ‘painful’) in the dialogue aimed to evoke laughter from the audience.

If you are interested in their skit, please follow the link below.


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