”Oral Communication Ⅰ” Presentation(高1-9 コミュニケーション英語I)


”Oral Communication Ⅰ” Presentation(高1-9 コミュニケーション英語I)

On Tuesday, July 26, all 1-9 students gave English presentations in the audiovisual classroom on the 6th floor. They studied about the SDGs in class, each chose one of the SDG goals, and presented their research on the problems and solutions. Second year IB students (first year IB students) and junior high school students interested in the IBDP participated in the presentation as audience.

Through this experience, the first-year students improved their research and presentation skills in English, and at the same time, they became aware of various issues in the world and developed a foundation for their attitude toward solving problems as global citizens. In addition, all the participants evaluated the presentations, and Amane Uemura was selected as the best presenter.

Author: DP Coordinator, Noriko Bousckri

Presentatoin for the class:

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